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Diamond Painting Wolf Family - Paint by Numbers Kits

Diamond Painting Wolf Family

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Our art products are one of the best artistic stress management strategies for all ages. It will worth to spend your time with our kits to create a magnificent art as compared to play indoor games. My Precious Paint by Numbers Diamond Paintings allows everyone to paint any kind of desired masterpiece without specialty in Painting.

Are you ready to paint Beautiful Wolf Paintings with Diamonds? If These Diamond Paintings will get your time, these paintings will really become precious.


Material: Resin Square Diamonds in 30-45 colors

Frame: No
Accessories: HD Canvas, Enough Rhinestones, a Set of Tools
Mosaic Completion: Unfinished Need you Handwork
Drilling Area: Full Square&Full Round Drill
Diamond Painting Kit: Needlework
Canvas Package: Roll up , Avoid Creases